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Trevor Gumbi shocks Instagram with divorce post

JOHANNESBURG – Comedian Trevor Gumbi shocked fans on Wednesday morning with an Instagram post, announcing his split from long-time partner Lucille.

The post read “It’s over…11 years of marriage and 17 years in a relationship. Over!” Minutes later his wife reposted the same image and caption on her own account.

Both Trevor’s and Lucille’s comments sections filled up with messages of disappointment and heartache from fans who have been supporting and following the celebrity couple through the ups and downs of their marriage.

In recent months, there were rumours and several reports that the couple was getting a divorce. The Sunday Sun reported that the pair separated in late 2016 after Lucille discovered Trevor had allegedly fathered a child with another woman.

He reportedly confessed only after the ‘baby mama’ told Mrs Gumbi in person.

The Gumbis denied the reports multiple time,s instead saying they are working on their marriage.

eNCA reached out to Trevor Gumbi’s representatives numerous times. One representative asked us to send an email for comment, but no reply was received.

Fans had mixed reactions to the news of the split on Twitter.

Oh No! Trevor Gumbi And His Wife Split After 17 Years Together – https://t.co/LIMYy1qg8l #OkMzansi pic.twitter.com/B4frARw7yc

— OkMzansi (@OkMzansi) September 6, 2017
That’s life. You tried. some people can’t do 3 years in marriage let alone relationships

— Sister X (@MotsoMogo) September 6, 2017
Last time I remember Trevor Gumbi trendeing was when he was insulting his wife #OnHere while he was on a crazy drug bender, about 5yrs ago

— Ditshego (@TauYaDitshego) September 6, 2017
Sorry man. Hope u all find peace. Atleast none of you is talking bad about the other

— Uncle Slam (@Gmmotlanyana) September 6, 2017
Being married to Trevor Gumbi was prolly like an extreme sport! That wife shem put up with a lot… #LRT

— I am TBoss! (@Lonalodwa) September 6, 2017
In total 18yrs of hiding is OVER!!.Good for you & her, no more hide & seek (aka: extra marital what-what) anymore…

— Mo Rhake (@Mdevour) September 6, 2017
Y am I not surprised? That’s what celebrities are good at. Their marriage are like popcorn, I munit inlove then the next it’s over. Suck

— Chrissie (@Chrissi68107836) September 6, 2017
Trevor Gumbi cheated and got a whole sidechick preggos, I’d leave him too

— Q (@actually_q) September 6, 2017
Sorry bru. Losing someone you have spent your dear life with can drain.

— Gandaganda (@ZiipoCool) September 6, 2017

It just feels absolu
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