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Three dead in ‘street racing’ crash

Western Cape police spokeswoman Constable Noloyiso Rwexana said the crash occurred at about 7.25pm on the corner of Owen Road and 36 Avenue. An Opel Corsa and a BMW were apparently racing when the Corsa clipped the BMW, rolled a few metres through a vibracrete wall and landed on its roof.

“A case of culpable homicide is under investigation,” Rwexana said. “Nobody has been arrested.”

ER24 spokeswoman Chitra Bodasing said: “On arrival it was found that the occupants were trapped in the vehicle. Fire and Rescue used the jaws of life to extricate them.

“One man who was injured was treated and transported to hospital for further medical care.”

Department of transport and public works communication officer Byron la Hoe said the driver of the Corsa was one of the fatalities. The witness said the BMW drove away.

The three fatalities were among 10 others that took place on Western Cape roads over the weekend.

Western Cape Provincial Traffic Services arrested 33 motorists on Friday and Saturday for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

Metro police also arrested 14 motorists for drunk driving at various roadblocks across the city. One of the drivers was arrested after a Hollywood-style chase on Sunday.

The driver refused to stop at a vehicle check point in Montana and sped off, disobeying road signs along the way. Metro officers pursued him and tried to block his vehicle in Klipfontein Road.

The driver drove at the officers, forcing one of them to shoot at the car’s tyres. The suspect then hit another vehicle, and he was arrested on charges of drunk, reckless and negligent driving, fleeing from lawful custody and resisting arrest.

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