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Malema blames government for ‘hit-and-run sex’

Durban – EFF leader Julius Malema said the “match-box” houses the government gave to people denied adults sexual pleasure and whenever they had a chance for sexual relations it had to be “hit-and-run”.

He said the houses should at least have five rooms including two bedrooms, one for children and the other to accommodate parents.

“When parents want to touch one another, they would not have a problem of doing that. Currently, you cannot touch each another. You are wearing your ANC T-shirt and you cannot even touch each another, what is that?

“You always send children to go get paraffin so that you can touch each another while they are away. Under the EFF you are going to touch each other peacefully,” he said.

Malema’s comment was met with ululation and clapping from a cheering crowd in uMlazi in KwaZulu-Natal.

Malema and other EFF leaders were in Durban on Sunday to campaign for the local government elections.

He lashed out at the ruling party and its leaders whom he referred to as “Mickey Mouses”, saying they were “drunkards” and “power-hungry killers”.

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