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‘I am ready to tell my story’ – AKA’s mom opens up about ‘haunting’ sexual assault

AKA’s mom‚ Lynn Forbes‚ has relived the pain of being sexually abused as a child‚ revealing that it had far-reaching effects on her life and haunted her well into adulthood.

Recounting the trauma of her abuse in a blog post on Tuesday‚ Lynn said her abuser was a close friend of her parents.

“I never told them or anyone else about the abuse and for the last 38 years of my life‚ I have carried this ‘secret’ inside me. I am ready to tell my story now because an untold story never heals and an untold story does not help or protect anyone but the perpetrator‚” she wrote.

She said the experience led to her constantly having flashbacks and wanting to escape any situation where she felt controlled or suffocated.

“It took over and controlled every aspect of my life‚ work and relationships. Certain things or circumstances would trigger flashbacks‚ taking me back to my childhood and the abuse. I have a huge problem with being controlled or manipulated by people or by situations in my life. When this happens I feel the grip tightening around my throat and all I can think about is breaking free and running to escape the suffocation.

Lynn said she had decided to speak out to help other victims find their voice.

“I have made a decision to tell my story because I am no longer ashamed. I was a child and I did not sexually abuse myself and neither did any other child. Now that I have found my voice‚ I intend to use it for the purpose of helping others find their voices and speak out against Childhood Sexual Abuse‚” she added.

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