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How to do Bangkok with kids in tow

Bangkok – I clearly remember the day we decided it was time to take our children abroad and that if we didn’t do so soon, we wouldn’t have another chance as a family.

Instagram, Twitter, Mixit and X-Box had kidnapped certain family members and we needed to regain control. So, apart from the obvious benefits of overseas travel widening perspectives and creating lifetime memories, we felt that a trip to a country with different cultures would be of enormous benefit.

Call it “serendipity” – our fortunate discovery and unexpected surprise was that subconsciously, the entire family had been contemplating the need to reconnect and escape from dreary daily routine, to an exotic location… Or maybe “serendipity” was top of mind because it was the name of the travel agency on the brochure in front of us.

In any event, the swallow that forms part of the Serendipity logo was obviously soaring to great heights, as we received extremely professional and friendly service as the agent enquired “Where would you like to find yourself tomorrow?”

The simple, powerful question put us in a spin as we came up with conflicting suggestions. However, after causing havoc in the serene travel office, we decided that Bangkok would be an exciting option. Luckily, the agent handled everything for us, from itinerary to visas and foreign exchange… or we probably wouldn’t have made it to the airport.

The choice of airline was easy. We wanted the most reliable, shortest, quickest, fuss-free option and so we chose Ethiopian Airlines, which flies directly from Durban four times a week.

I have always been wary of flying, so knowing that Ethiopian Airlines is the fastest growing airline in Africa, with the African Airline of 2016 award under its belt, eased my tension.

Our agent, who seemed to have travelled every corner of Bangkok, planned our itinerary. And what an amazing explosion of experiences it was. The city is an intriguing blend of technology and modern times, mingled with the glory and grandeur of an illustrious past.

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